Frequently Asked Questions

How many litres of water can you carry?
Our tanks hold up to 12,500 Litres of fresh drinking water.

It’s outside of trading hours, but I need water now! Can you help?
Yes! We offer emergency call outs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Surcharges apply.

Can you deliver more than 12,500 litres?
Whilst we can only carry 12,500L per trip, we are able to do multiple loads when required.

Can you Deliver Less than 12,500 Litres?
We can deliver as little water as required, however it is charged as a full load. We are happy to fill extra tanks, Pools or even water your garden with the excess water if you desire.

Can I go halves in a tank of water with my neighbor?
Certainly, we understand you may not need a full tank of water and that everyone starts to run low at the same time… So, providing the water can be unloaded during the same time allocation at both address, we are able to split the delivered quantity.

Where is your water sourced from?
Waterboy only transports drinking grade fresh water, sourced from Gold Coast City Council approved filling points.

There are water restrictions in place, can you still supply water?
Yes, we are still able to supply water. We do recommend keeping your usage to a minimum and following any restrictions put in place by Council.

Do I need to be home for delivery to take place?
No, providing safe access (no dogs on the loose) Waterboy will send you a message to confirm arrival and again once delivery is complete. For your peace of mind.

There is no vehicle access close to my tank, will this be a problem?
We carry enough hose to park over 50m away, if you think more will be required please let us know at the time of booking and we will bring more hose for your delivery.

I seem to run out of water at the same time every year, how far in advance can I book?
Waterboy offers subscription service allowing you to book repeat deliveries for the same time every year or for multiple times per year, ensuring you never run out.

How does your subscription service work?
We keep record of when your tank was filled, as the same time approaches the following year we will call and arrange for delivery at a time that suits you.
This service can be arranged for any time period you choose, regardless of how frequent bulk water is required.

What are your standard delivery hours?
Standard delivery hours are 6am-6pm seven days a week, Delivery outside of these hours is possible however an afterhours surcharge will be applied.

How much notice do you need?
None at all, when possible we can have water on site within 2 hours.

Do you only do Domestic water tank fills?
No, we cater for every bulk water transport service you require, Dust suppression, Landscape watering, Swimming pool and spa fills, civil works, barrier fills, road cleaning, Special Effects for movie sets and firefighting. If you have a need for water, we have the solution.

I don’t have a credit card, do you have any other method of payment?
We accept the following methods of payment, Cash, Debit /credit cards and bank transfer. Please be advised, when paying via bank transfer a remittance advice will need to be supplied for same day delivery.

How often are your trucks water tanks cleaned?
It is recommended by Queensland Health, that tanks are disinfected once every 3 months.              However, Waterboy only supply water that we would be willing to drink. So to ensure peace of mind, our tanks, hoses and fittings are disinfected every 8 weeks.


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