About Water Boy

Living on Acreage, We know the feeling you get when you turn on the shower, only to find the kids used the last drops of water out of the tank.

Waterboy also understands, when you run out of water the last thing you need is to spend half the day waiting for a water cart to show, that’s why we offer to fill your tanks at a time that suits you!

Our ever reliable Iveco water tanker is on the road 24/7 with a capacity of 12,500L to fill your every need, If more water is required we can do multiple loads at a discounted rate.

With over 10 years of experience in the transport industry, we have learnt a thing or two about the responsibilities of owning and maintaining trucks. Our tanks are cleaned regularly, complying with food safe regulations and undergoing frequent inspections for any possible signs of damage or neglect. This ensures delivery of quality council sourced drinking grade potable water.

Have you ever been half way through your bedtime routine, only to find out you have run out of water and you still have a mouth full of toothpaste?

We can Help!

Our Rapid response service will have water back in your tank at any hour, so you can rest easy, knowing there will be water for your coffee in the morning!

Situated in Wongawallan at the base of Tamborine Mountain Waterboy is centrally located within the gold coast hinterland, enabling us to cover a large portion of the gold coast region before any additional travel charges need to be applied.
Not afraid of hard work or travel Waterboy has what it takes to get the job done.

Mates Rates

If you have lived with tank water for a few years, you will be aware that the whole street seems to run out of water at the same time. If you don’t run out before your neighbor, it won’t be long until you do.

Waterboy knows that the rain might not be far off and funds may be a little bit tight when you suddenly run out.

That is why we offer to split a full load of water between you and your neighbor, saving you both money!

Subscription Service

We keep record of when your tank was filled. as the same time approaches the following year we will call and arrange for delivery at a time that suits you.
This service can be arranged for any time period you choose, regardless of how frequent bulk water is required.
Simply tell us at the time of booking how frequently you would like drinking water delivered and we will add it into our system, prompting us to call and offer a new delivery for a time that suits you.

Waterboy Gold Coast, is proudly Gold Coast born, bred, owned and operated, proudly supporting other Gold Coast business at all times possible.

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