Waterboy Gold Coast – Water when you need it most.

Waterboy Gold Coast is a Small family owned and operated potable water transport business specializing in bulk water solutions for your every need!

  • Drinking water
  • Water Tank Fills
  • Swimming pool Fills
  • Civil Works
  • Dust Suppression
  • Garden Watering
  • Special Events
  • Rapid Response
  • Movie Sets
  • Special Effects
  • Barrier Fills
  • Wet Downs
  • Major Events
  • Festivals

A bit about us

Living on Acreage, We know the feeling you get when you turn on the shower, only to find the kids used the last drops of water out of the tank.

Waterboy also understands, when you run out of water the last thing you need is to spend half the day waiting for a water cart to show, that’s why we offer to fill your tanks at a time that suits you!

Our ever reliable Iveco water tanker is on the road 24/7 with a capacity of 12,500L to fill your every need, If more water is required we can do multiple loads at a discounted rate.

With over 10 years of experience in the transport industry, we have learnt a thing or two about the responsibilities of owning and maintaining trucks. Our tanks are cleaned regularly, complying with food safe regulations and undergoing frequent inspections for any possible signs of damage or neglect. This ensures delivery of quality council sourced drinking grade potable water.

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Bookings : 0448 885 587

Email : Info@waterboygc.com.au

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